Our Services

Central Oregon Employee Benefits, LLC ("COEB") is located in Bend with a part-time office in Burns. COEB designs and manages healthcare benefits such as:

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  • Insurance
    • Medical
      • HSA's
      • HRA's
      • MSA's
    • All Medicare Plans
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Life
    • Disability (Short-Term and Long-Term)
    • Long-Term Care
    • Prescription Drug Benefits
    • Self-Insured Plans
    • Fully-Insured Plans
    • Voluntary Plans
  • Flexible Spending (Section 125) Accounts
COEB operates either as a consultant (on a retainer basis) or as an insurance agent.

Our Clients

  • COEB primarily serves employers providing benefits for their employees, but it also serves individuals providing for their own and their families' needs.
  • Current employer clients are mostly in Central Oregon, with the rest in various locations in Eastern Oregon.
  • Current individual clients are mostly in Central Oregon, with others scattered around the State.

Our Company

COEB is a limited liability corporation located in Bend, Oregon. Ron Gallinat is the Principal and the Managing Partner of COEB.

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